Waiting In Line Sucks.


We’ve all been there, we all know how it feels. Waiting in like really sucks. So why not get rewarded for it? We make waiting in line not suck by giving rewards for taking quick surveys. We talked to 9 companies around Chapel Hill to better understand how they capture and utilize customer feedback. Businesses put a ton of value on capturing information on their customer’s experience. This is especially true for large chains like Starbucks or hotels because any little tweak in the customer experience can result in massive returns. Reviews are really for other customers, they aren’t answering questions specifically for that businesses. This is why businesses still capture feedback with surveys, because the insights are more specifically relevant to the business. When companies do incentivise this feedback with some sort of reward, it’s a huge hassle to manage and redeem them. You have to remember it, find it, and use it. We think this could be easier. Not only is it difficult to get customers to take the surveys, much of the feedback is offered after the experience. We think feedback should be easy, fun, and in the moment. This is where GetBack comes in.

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