Triangle Startup Weekend: Friday Night Pitches

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HIPPO Music Software App
James Locuss

It generates music automatically. It outputs automatically. Music everywhere and anywhere.

Brandon Seward
What are the celebrities doing at this very moment. Users will be able to post pictures of celebrities and where they last saw them. Real celebrity news.

Andrew McKnight
People who shop online and wants to pick up at any grocery store. Shopping online feels like your shopping online.  A mobile app that lets you scroll down the isle.

Motaz Mousa
Dream GPS

Everybody dreams and wants to be happy.  A time tracker that tracks every day.

Brian Bowhay
Fusion EMC

Education, Mentoring, and Connection. An open source tour that provides a central mentoring tool. Lastly, provides a place to provide resources.

Daniel Marcus

A tool to help you manage resources for both small and medium sized companies. Wants to integrate communication, branding, and web updates into one place.


Anne Clark
Triangle Good

Kickstarter for social good products in the Trianagle. Crowdsourced place to post community activities. It will provide a place for supporters to offer financial opportunities.


Andrew Misenheimer
Sound It Out

A mobile app.


Mike Clark
Watch This

Ever have a problem finding stuff on television? This platform is for film makers to promote their work on Roku players and the like.

Doug Purcell
Book Worm College

College is hard. He wants to build a portal for students.

Steven Rutenberg
Easy Raffle

Know a non-profit? It’s difficult to hold a raffle. Steven wants to provide an easy tool.

Jeffery Gray

Manage and keep up with everyday life. Business can tap into the LifeZen database. Need an oil change? Request an oil change through the app. Service providers come to you.

Thomas Schroder
Scholar Seed

Fill a funding app. Platform for college Entrepreneurs to get ideas off the ground.

Even Aemney
Paper Peg

Stores paper in the cloud

Daniel Mason
Crowd Scape

Puts together data (API) where people actually look for resources during political campaign.

Heine Nzumato
Out Early

An app that allows you to sell a ticket

Thothatri Srinivasan
Plan Our Trip

An app for road trips

Aaron Mongul
Talent MLS

Access to growing company networks (workers).

Rodney Nobles
Awe Dealz

Tracks special occasions and exclusive deals. Give friends “Awe Books” for local and national sponosrs.


Wants to figure out a way to share and purchase of what’s on people’s mobile device.

Jason Melehoni
Triangle Innovation Connection

Develop a website to post a problem that don’t have the skills to solve. Make connections on how they (engineers, developers, etc.) can help.

Alex Gibson

First crowd sourcing for businesses.

Shrenaj Miliak
Feed Beaver

Create an iPhone and Web site to submit web feedback.

Ben Comer

Combining investing and fasting via an iPhone app.

Ed Addison
Energy Pop

Point of presence company that helps energy makers to sell it. Have a windmill? Sell the energy.

Kate Lyndeguard
GPS Data Capture

Collect GPS data. Develop a mobile app.

Geoff Singh

Aggregate social content so you can connect with wants happening your local company with similar interests.

Harsha Ravi
Swastha Sakhya

Healthy friend. Help find places that are healthy foods.


Build a web app to connect with physical locations (businesses) and enable them to do things like Amazon. Dry cleaners. Needs to be flexible.

Brian Callaway
Dumpster Dating

Dynamic map that helps connect people to waste.

Jason Barker
Free Your Memory

Create community calendar.

Ben Lee

Driver on demand service. Geolocation app that allows a driver to come to you. Payment is on the backend.

Jason Shannon
Sports AV

Wants to bring the yellow line to the stadium. Wants to bring custom statistics to the phone.

Todd Mosier
History Hikes

Wants to build a mobile app that gives an augmented reality at a local history museum.

Vinoy Rao
Locator App

Answers to detailed questions…where’s my phone or wallet? Details of the last place you visited.

Suresh Palakurthi
Price Engineer

Web search engine for the whole shopping cart, not just one item.

Phil Buckley
Near There Now

Social local mobile mashup. Join brands not just buy them.

Steve Brady
Soul XChange

Share shares of stock of your soul that people can buy.

Napoleon Wallace
Directed Deposits

An exchange for socially responsible deposits. Savings that earn a high interest rate.

Pitch Community

Practice pitching with a community of people.

Ed Hubbell

Build a developer team centered on applications toward online mobile payments. Buy products with your phone.

Chip George

Self-sealing aluminum can.

KaRae’ Carey
Mental Health

One source of membership of virtual library where mental health resources can be found.

Bithika Khagharia
Friend Safe

Date abuse predictor app.

Bernard Worthy

Mobile learning meets gaming. Learn Spanish through gaming. Simulation software. Earn points, ranking, and rewards. Not just Spanish, but also learn marketing.

Nash Yielding

Mobile app that keeps track of social capital.

Hudson Haines
Fhoto Flip

Issue photo challenges to your friends.

Sidd Chopra
Look Wiser

Get inside the decision makers head to get a job. Get ready for interviews. Wants to build a mobile app to go along with web site.

Ramya R.

Platform make outsourcing easier. Connect U.S. projects with people around the world.

Mark Kelley
How did you hear about me?

Build a mobile application that reminds people how they heard about the company. Keep a composite of where leads are coming from.

David Campbell
Stream Punk

Livestreaming communication tool.

Arik Abel
Front End Web

Design something in a browser to that converts HTML, CSS, to real web pages.
Student Single Parents

Single parents without money to connect with wealthy folks


Buy and sell medical supplies online. Search for a doctor online, price, and hours online.

Jeremiah Cook
Luv 150

Find a list of people who are the most 150 top people to be connected with from your social networks.

Alan Ball
Cook Booked

A mobile app that provides a good portion diet.

Sean West
Wanderer Import

Danny Page
Startup Weekend: The Board Game

Play Startup Weekend year-round. Open source game that crunches down 54 hours into 54 minutes.

Max Leisten

Fortune-telling machine out the movie “Big.” Wants to build platform that helps connect mentors with students. Why should you learn?

Results of Votes

  1. Unfundable
  2. Dumpster Dating
  3. Out Early
  4. DaDD
  5. History Hike
  6. Fhoto Flip
  7. Clever
  8. Docter
  9. Soul IPO
  10. Triangle Good
  11. Near There Now
  12. Easy Raffle
  13. Energy Pop
  14. Feed Beaver
  15. Scholar Seed
  16. Truxie
  17. Book Work College
  18. Cook Booked
  19. Friend Safe
  20. Luv 150

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