The Final Day of Triangle Startup Weekend 2013 – Live Blog of the Pitches


We have reached the end of Triangle Startup Weekend. 14 teams are going to showcase their hard word and dedication. We will be live blogging some information from the presentations. Video will be made available after the event.

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Time to get started!

The order for pitches are as follows:

  • StartUpCycle – Now ZombieMart (We help you bring your dead assets, back to life!)  – Inside of dead or dying companies there are ideas that can be repurposed for new projects.  This is a marketplace to match buyers and sellers of startup assets. In Year 1 they expect to get 5% of 30,000 failing companies. Zombie Mart already has their first two clients. Seed – $50k for portal development and server costs, marketing, legal.  More than important than money are the listings. Backend will be via social APIs. We help you bring your dead assets, back to life!
    • What type of assets? – Anything a company would want to sell including your team.
    • Is there a value in physical assets? Does this include code? – Problem here – It’s hard to sell people but it’s easy to sell code.


  •   ConnectWork – Pivoted 5 times! People are taking a lot of business trips in a year. They have lots of downtime in the middle of these trips. If business people can discover who they should meet, streamline  making new connections, schedule meetings. Network would be built on top of LinkedIn. It would be a freeium model for the first 3 meetings. $24.99 per month for premium connections. 50k for IP Protection, LinkedIn.
      • Explain the scheduling feature? – You can immediately set up meetings
      • Does it integrate with other calendars and can another person see your calendar? Right now there is a working integration with Google Calendar.
      • How is this different from TripIt? – This isn’t about your itinerary, it’s about managing your down time.
      • I have enough meetings now, how will this help? – People will pitch you on why they want to meet up with you


  • InTouch – The problem to tackle – how to build real relationships in your network. The idea – easy to use mobile app to set up reminders to reach out to people more often. Drag your contacts to the left or right to decide if you want to set up a reminder to get in touch with that person. Value Prop – Utilize the relationships you’ve already made via LinkedIn and Facebook.
    • Price – Looking at the $9.99 range
    • Integration with other apps? – You would use this to police yourself to make sure you know why you should follow up with these people
    • Would it pull in Outlook or web sources? Currently looking into that.


  • Find Me Space – It’s hard to find space for more than a few people to meet. There is no database to find these spaces. Find local places for local groups. What’s the target – Organizers that aren’t professionals. Venues, Business owners, and Vendors – catering, food, rental equipment. Find me space is for medium to small places to meet. Eventually connect with eventbrite, or facebook to share the space info for the groups that are already in place. There are over 10K groups, 4k venues in the Triangle that would be potential customers. This would be a subscription model. Organizers $25 exclusive deals, 1st dibs on event spaces. Vendors – This weekend they already have website that has a venue database and integrates with google maps. These venues already sell or have free space.
    • What’s the value for the free spaces – the places get used. 
    • Who’s going to pay? Organizers, Vendors, Venue – it’s based on the space rental value
    • How would you manage a partnership with Eventbrite – build on to that service?


  • Fit To Travel – How do you stay fit while you are traveling? Travelers tend to gain lbs while on vacation. Selling to leisure, business, and fitness travelers. 51.4 gym members and 812 million travelers worldwide. Customized app for exercising while on the go. Partnerships w/Personal trainers who can make a personalized workout for you and for where you are traveling. This app would give you a tour. Freemium model. Let’s make the world your gym.
    • How do you get the routes – Routes are made by the trainers.
    • Why would a trainer in Paris create this? $$ incentives, revenue sharing,
    • How do customize your workout? Choose your destination, choose where you are staying, choose how much time & distance you have as well. Pick what type of exercises you want to do.
    • How do you get enough routes to make it useful? You choose from the trainers routes that are already made


  • Grizzly – secure anonymous way to bet on real world situations using bitcoins. Bitcoins are virtual currencies. Intrade, online gaming is a $30B industry globally.  The solution – Use bitcoins to create an event, place shares, bet on the event. Would use a ticker symbol, puts the number of shares available. and it becomes stock that you can buy and sell.
    • Is it legal – Sortof? It depends on the states. It potentially can be legal overseas
    • Can you just convert dollars into bitcoins? Yes it would be
    • Why is it so complex like buying stock? – People like stock and betting. There is a market for it


  • BeerSphere – Mobile app for responsible drinkers 10k people have died in 2012 from alcohol related incidents Behavior modification via gamification. BeerSphere tracks a user’s drink and offers safe drinking tips and suggestions. Consumer never pays for anything it’s always free. Targeted ads from collection of user data. Alcohol companies. You can select each beer and it will add to your Blood Alcohol Meter tab. You can put where you drank on the map and track your adventures.
    • Does the map work yet? the front end and back end don’t work yet but are currently being brought together


  • Feed Me Music – There are amatuer musicians that can play but want to learn a bit more from a professional. They want to be able to upload a file and get professional feedback. The pro would select how much they wanted to charge just to listen and give a bit of feedback. The site would get commission.
    • Explain the revenue model – The professional can decide how much time & how much they charge with a suggested amount
    • How much are music lessons? $20 – $100/hr
    • Why would you do this instead of just taking a lesson? To pick up an special skills or get professional feedback
  • Middle Ground   Steady Ground An online service that crowd sources a solution to a dispute. In order to get your question answered, you have to vote on a solution to someone else’s problem. Target would be teenagers that have lots of disputes. They are an easy market. Will take advantage of social media to get the word out. This could handle any open ended dispute. Would be big on affliate marketing, ads. Competing with current survey sites like survey monkey. Never have an unsolved arguments again.
    • This reminds me of Who’s Hotter. Would this just be a fun app or something serious? – It can start off as something fun but could eventually come into a crowdsourcing platform
    • What does the loser have to do – Point system for winning an agrument?
    • Could the loser be fined for losing?
    • Is it real information? You don’t need a real name, but we hope the fight is real. Just need an real email for notification

Five minute break!

  • 10.              Vouch – Dissatisfied about what she was promoted to rep in a dating profile. There is a problem with dating sites. The main problem is that people don’t trust that the profile is true or trustworthy. Vouch would help put the humans back into matchmaking. Integrate with facebook to grab your friends to comment about you to build trust. Connect with others that have been vouched for. 50 mil people on dating sites right now. People would help their friends find love. Free to look but would have to pay to send messages.
    • Did any development happen this weekend – Lots working but nothing live at the moment.
    • Can you pull what you need from the facebook integration – Yes & looking at adding instagram
    • Pay model – subscription – $20/month to connect with 5 people. $10 to turn off ads
    • How will you prevent fake vouches – You get a vouch score to make the cream rise to the top


  • CrowdSnap – It’s hard to share group photos. $91B digital photo app market. Crowdsnap lets you easily share photos to the group. They would find a nietch market – Group travel. Driver – The organizer of the group trip. Gives you local recommendations. 8% referrals photo finishing, white label app for major destinations. Native local business ads w/Analytics.  You can see where you’ve been and where you are looking to go.
    • Who controls who has access? You would Join the Nearby album
    • How is it different than just adding them on Instagram or social media? You can get the local recommendations. The group sharing is very easy and can give a rich feel to the trip.
    • Can you wall off? Still needs to be fleshed out. For right now, no.

12.              Healthy Bytes inspiring real-time behavior via Google glass. Wearable devices are at 30 million products. Most devices simply focus on data collection or tracking not actually doing anything with that data. Google Glass = New opportunity – put things in your face to drive feedback to change behavior. People wanted to be able to connect to their food in a fun way. Take a picture of what you eat, add it to your calorie bank, when you exercise you get feedback of what you just burned off. Hub in the ecosystems between personal trainers and products like fitbit. Freemium model – charge health pros and exercise.

    • How do you know it’s an apple? Google glass voice recognition is great, it can understand things just by saying “this is an apple”
    • What about complicated food? Would gather nutritional data from
    • Why not charge for the product? You can’t charge for Glass apps yet, want to make it accessible to all people


  •  Snapbuddy – It’s a sharing economy – connecting people to share their resources & skills. The problem is that there is no easy way to find a photographer for traveling. Online portal for travelers to find photographers, and have a trusted connection to avoid self photos on vacation. Snap buddy would have photographer’s profile for the area you are travelling. You pick them & know their price point.  7.6 million travelers would be a target.
    • What questions did you ask on interest? Asked if people would be interesting in paying for something like this and the response was mostly yes
    • How do you ensure the transaction goes through your system – Payments are held by snapbuddy until services are delivered
    • Scheduling – they would follow the airbnb model of having 24hrs to respond
    • Demographic? Women 25-35 age group


  •  Baby Blue Sky – Happy Moms. Happy Family.  1 million women experience some sort of perinatal depression. This affects the baby, the family, the insurance companies. Can you stop things from getting to a bad point to save the system and yourself money. Take the baby blues and take them to the blue sky of better help. Want community, screening tests, quick & secure access to mental health professionals. It would provide peer support for at-risk women, early detection and diagnosis and cut down how much money health insurers are paying out to medical providers.  Customers would be doctor & insurance companies.
    • How do you do early detection? The screening already exists. The screening would then connect with Baby Blue Sky
    • Why aren’t doctors already using something like this? This specific thing doesn’t exist.
    • What does the $2 billion spend actually break down to that the insurance pays? Mental health mostly, and copays for additional outside doctor visits.


Wrapping up! Judging time and picking the viewers choice.

And the winners are:

In 3rd Place – Vouch

In 2nd Place – InTouch

And our overall winners – Snap Buddy!

People’s choice award as voted by the audience: Find Me Space

Congrats to all the teams that made it through Triangle Startup Weekend. We hope that you had fun, learned a lot, and stopped talking in favor of some action!

The next Triangle Startup Weekend will be in Chapel Hill, NC in the fall. Keep an eye on the blog for more information.

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