Make the World Your Gym with Fit2Travel


It was a great start for our young team. We walked into an amazing facility at American Underground for Triangle StartUp Weekend in Durham, NC. We arrived to be greeted by kegs of beer which we drank for two hours to get our diverse group of people to loosen up and find their confidence to pitch. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the passion that brought out, but Traverse Trainer ran out of time during our one minute pitch. This resulted in Traverse Trainer being over-looked when it came to pick the top ten businesses. But we didn’t lose hope for Traverse Trainer; a number of people told us that they believed in our idea and were willing to help. It was a great feeling to know that there are people just as passionate about our idea as we are.

Our team came together very naturally despite not being picked as one of the top ten. Thats when our Founder, Mitch Summers formed our team which included Liz Johnson, Robert Morrisroe, Alejandro Martinez, and Jeff Lehmer with special help from Victor Bonilla and Travis Crowder. Our team was lacking a developer and designer, but we couldn’t ask for more hard-working and dedicated people. We were still able to put together a website, design a logo, and get a preview of our app done for Android. Our team consisted mainly of non-technicals excluding our website designer Jeff Lehmer, a StartUp Weekend Veteran and Android App Developer, Travis Crowder. Victor Bonilla acted as an unofficial mentor throughout the process to help us stay on track to develop our application. Alejandro, Liz, and Rob all worked together to help iron out any problems and take care of the nitty gritty projects that were necessary to develop our product. With Mitch’s dream and a wonderful team we were able to get our show on the road.

Traverse Trainer started with an idea to focus on traveling and fitness with a broad range of options to make money and market to a large variety of customers. But, through the process at Triangle StartUp Weekend, we were able to focus our idea and come up with a Minimum Viable Product with a new and improved name that truly encompassed the idea of the fitness travel: Fit2Travel. We have built a website, focused our idea, and made a number of connections with amazing people to help build our business.

Fit2Travel is for every traveler who wishes to experience the sights and culture of their destination while continuing their fitness routine. We want to create an experience that our customers will find value in paying for due to our customized routes specific to your location and a trainer that fits your fitness needs; plus our routes are interactive, telling you healthy restaurants to eat at after your workout, points of interest to notice while you are running your route and even the ability to add certain exercises to your workout.

We wouldn’t have been able to develop our idea and find a group of dedicated professionals without the help of Triangle StartUp Weekend. We are so happy to be able to participate in this weekend. It may be intense and tiring, but it is definitely a wonderful experience that we all our very fortunate to have. We will make the world you gym with the Fit2Travel app, brought to you through the efforts of Triangle StartUp Weekend in Durham, NC.

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