Let’s Chip In – CrowdSourced Community Gift Giving


What started as a casual pitch to solve a pertinent problem from Jeff inspired the team of eight (Analisa, Steve, Naveen, Leonel, Andrew, Jeff, Kasi, and Lakshmanan) to chime in and work on the project. The startup idea is a crowd funded gifting web platform for people to get involve and contribute for the one big gift for special occasions and big events like baby shower, relocation, wedding, graduation etc. The platform is aimed at individuals who would like to share the joy of gift giving. Just like any lean startup, the idea has undergone several pivots before its final form to be presented tomorrow, Nov 17th. Leonel and Andrew the web developers are working hard to get the MVP out. Steve and Analisa had interesting experience in directly meeting with prospective customers (expectant mother) to collect survey data. Myself Kasi has got to learn some neat Web Designing tools from Lionel: BrainTree/BootStrap/Ruby on Rails etc. and contributing to the social media side. Lakshmanan and Naveen are working on the business side while Jeff leading the team as a good CEO with a vision. Please visit our Website (http://letschipin.co/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/letschipin) for more information.

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