Get all genetic testing questions answered


Saturday morning, I seamlessly join the genetics education website group, a chance to work with a couple folks I have met before and to learn about the issues involved in starting an online business. I start out joining forces with team lead, Agnes, creating a survey monkey page to do our market research. Small setback – an eager TSW volunteer comes in the room, and we struggle to effectively explain our business idea. The group gets advice from coaches with expertise in marketing, entrepreneurship, monetization, and the law – thankfully not all at once.
Most of the team achieves continued focus throughout the day, while my attention jumps between multiple tasks throughout the day. Agnes teaches us all about genetics, what genetic testing can do, how to access genetic testing, and various rules and regulations about this adolescent service market. We seem to have multiples of everything – 3 surveys, 2 blogs, and endless logins for survey monkey, wordpress,, etc.
Big bummer – Survey Monkey goes down for an hour just minutes after we tweet the link to our market survey to all of our friends and the TSW world. So I grab pen and paper to survey UNC students and anyone else walking near the Student Union- 25 responses in one hour. Key results, almost everyone has heard of genetic testing, no one has been tested, but many people are interested in getting the test in the future, most commonly to find out about their risk of disease.
Deep down, we know that people do not understand genetic testing or the results we get, so we have an important service to offer, now to solidify a pitch to convince the judges of the business merits.

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