Creating a world of responsible drinkers


We are BeerSphere, a mobile app for responsible drinkers. We’re a group of young beer enthusiasts made up of designers, developers, and a seasoned homebrewer.

We made quite a pivot from our original idea–we started brainstorming a filesharing platform for the construction industry, over beers obviously, but we ended up finding our inspiration for BeerSphere at the bottom of the Shotgun Betty keg.

In 2012, more than 10,000 people were killed in the United States by alcohol-related accidents. Our goal this weekend was to provide a fun way for beer drinkers to track their consumption while offering tips and suggestions to consume responsibly, ultimately reducing the incidence of impaired driving.

We all came to Startup Weekend for various reasons; some of us were looking to start or join new startups, while others were looking for a fun way to exercise talents. Fortunately, with our mix of backgrounds and experience, BeerSphere was truly a culmination of ideas, passions, and skill sets, and we all believe in the value and purpose behind it.

American Underground is awesome by the way, we’ve had a blast here this weekend, and it’s no coincidence we staked out our workspace right next to the slide.


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