Frequently Asked Questions

We took a shot at answering your questions below, and we know you’ll have more! So email us at and we’ll add your answers to the list.

When and where is Triangle Startup Weekend – EDU?

March 8 -10th at HUB Raleigh.

Who should attend?

Triangle Startup Weekend -EDU is for anyone with an idea for a tech-based company that will innovate education as an institution and learning in general. You’ll go from concept to demo in 54 hours. Teams – typically 5-8 people – consist of educators that live and breathe learning, programmers  with IT skills and evangelists with business and marketing backgrounds. Roving coaches with specialized skills will be available to help teams throughout the weekend.

I don’t live in the Triangle. Can I come?

Yes! We’d love to have you.

I only have an idea for a company. Should I come?

Yes! Triangle Startup Weekend – EDU is designed for idea stage concepts. No previous experience in starting a company is necessary.

I don’t know much about classroom education. Can I come?

Yes – we need people from all backgrounds. The more the merrier!

I already have a startup. Can we enroll as a team?

Each person will need to sign up individually. You can pitch your startup Friday night, and if it’s selected, your group can work as a team – perhaps joined by a few volunteers and coaches.

Can I pitch more than one idea?

Nope, you just get one shot under the spotlight, so bring your A-game.

How long do the pitches last?

On Friday night, everyone who wants to pitch gets 60 seconds to explain your new startup concept. In the interest of time, we’ll be strict with the 60 second time limit.

On Sunday, final presentations will last five minutes, then have a three minute Q&A with the judges panel.

What is the format for the pitches?

You are the format. You stand up on a stage and give a one minute pitch. There is no audiovisual support, and although we highly suggest you don’t do it, you of course could bring some kind of prop if you had to.

How are the startups chosen?

Anyone with an idea to pitch will have a chance to do so Friday night. A popular vote of those in the audience will decide the top 10 startups that will be developed over the weekend.

What if my idea doesn’t get enough votes?

Join a different team! It’s all about learning and making connections.

Who owns the idea? Should I be concerned about my intellectual property?

Startup Weekend doesn’t retain or claim ownership to any ideas, that’s up to the teams. The issue of patents, copyrights and the like is obviously an important one. It’s also one that is a question of risk and reward for you. If your concepts are so unique and complete that you’ll benefit from not sharing them in an open forum then we suggest you participate, and keep your best ideas close to the vest. If your concepts need input from the who’s who of the local startup community and from a number of technical and marketing geniuses, you’ll likely find more benefit from sharing them at #TSW2011 to gain perspective and potentially flesh them out through rapid iteration, than by holding on to them until someone else brings the idea to market first.

Will there be food?

Yes. Meals, drinks, and snacks will be provided throughout the weekend, starting with Friday dinner and ending with lunch on Sunday.

Should I plan to stay at the event all weekend?

Teams working on companies can stay as late as the venue is open, but most people go home to sleep (and we recommend sleep!)

Who decides the winner?

A panel of judges consisting of investors and entrepreneurs will pick the winners.

How can I get more information?

Come to the event!

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